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Puppeteers for Fears


How do you fight the darkness when it feels like the world is ending? Sing, dance, and make merry—with puppets! Ashland comedy troupe extraordinaire, Puppeteers for Fears, returns with its first show in three years, The Cabaret at the End of the World, to give audiences mummy love ballads, investment advice from pirates, revolutionary cows doing beat poetry, smart appliances locked in virtual rap battles, puppet comedy roasts, and more! It’s the rock’n’roll, horror-comedy, all-puppet-vaudeville extravaganza you never knew you needed—until now…


Directed by Alyssa Matthews and Katy Curtis, and starring Forest Gilpin, Jake Raiter, Hunter Prutch, and Alyssa Matthews, with music performed live by The Elephant—who will also open the show with a set of their original material. 


Runtime for The Cabaret at the End of the World will be approximately 90-120  minutes, and though all ages are permitted to attend, the show will include material that would be rated PG-13 or R in film. Admission is $30. A taco bar is available for an additional $10 from 6pm-7pm.


More information is available at, and in the short documentary, “Something Different,” viewable here.




7pm, Fri., October 21, 2022

The Grand Victorian Theatre

Advance tickets available here.  Or call us at 541-863-5000.

Taco Bar available 6pm-7pm for $10

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