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This page is solely for one of our most committed cast members,
Jaime Rivera
She has been with our little theatre since our beginning in 2018 and
has blossomed to be quite a dependable fixture in most every event we do.

Here are some of the roles she has played:

Lois Van Zandt, the lawyer in
"Murder's in the Heir"
May, 2018

MAH00022_Moment (2).jpg

Salome, my stage daughter in
"Hi Ho Robinhood" August, 2018


Beatrice Boilermaker in "My, What A Circus, -or Keep Your Big Hands off my BIGFOOT!"

MAH00704_Moment (2).jpg

Flossie Fletcher in
"Madness, Murder and Matrimony -or-
Have Some Madeira, M'Dear?"
Summer Season 2021


Leticia Plumby
2021 Christmas Variety Show


Here is my letter of recommendation I wrote for her recently:

Jaime has been a true dynamo for our little community theatre.  When I first met her, in 2018, she was shy and quiet -two words that I could not use to describe her now that she has blossomed on our stage and in life.  Now, I can say that she is very social and unafraid to meet new people or try new things and is outspoken when she wants something.

She is quite talented on stage.  I can guarantee that with every new show, she is the first to learn all her lines and will even memorize everyone else’s lines!   She saved the show this last season by stepping up and playing a double role.  Jaime is also able to project her voice louder than anyone I’ve ever met and is a great help in showing inexperienced actors how loud they must be in front of a live audience.

Did I mention she is a good sport?  I’ve given her numerous zany roles and costumes and she steps up and impresses every time.

Last, but not least, Jaime is super trustworthy and loyal to everything theatre.  I can count on her to make it to all practices and shows, usually much earlier than anyone else.

In conclusion, I wish I had ten more “Jaimes” and I know our theatre family will miss her when she goes on to try new and exiting things like college and her ultimate career path.

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