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We have a crazy, fabulous show planned for this Summer of 2021!




Evil Laugh



Famous Grape Salad

Come Boo! at the Villain, cheer for the hero and enjoy our

Summer of 2021 Comedy-Melodrama,

"Madness, Murder & Matrimony, -or- Have Some Madeira, M'Dear?"

Our hero is having cold feet for his upcoming wedding.  It seems there is a history of madness and murder in his family.  Could he become crazy as well?

And, what of his "Family Jewels" that he has given to his betrothed?

Could they be stolen by the dastardly Ruthless Rogue and his cohorts?


Dinner and Show

$45.00 Tickets

In between the acts we will serve you a Four-Course Dinner

which includes: Choice of our mouth-watering Prime Rib or Mozzarella Chicken with

roasted potatoes and vegetable side, house salad, dinner rolls,

our famous Grape Salad, plus dessert!


General Admission Tickets $15.00

Dinner not included but concessions will be available for purchase during the show.

All tickets are for reserved seating.

The full dinner must be pre-purchased with choice of main course at least 4 days before show date.

Doors open

1/2 hour before show time

Click on a date below for tickets:

Note: Our ticketing agency's mobile online website does not have the option for choosing your reserved seats.
Please use a computer browser instead or give us a call at 541-863-5000 after making your reservations and we will be happy to assign your seats.